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[Full HD] Infinity0Whore Brat Schoolgirl Humiliated In Detention - ManyVids | Size - 233.41 MB

[Full HD] Infinity0Whore Brat Schoolgirl Humiliated In Detention - ManyVids | Size - 233.41 MB

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[This was a custom request] This naughty schoolgirl has been pulled into detention for not wearing her uniform properly and wearing too much makeup. She doesn't think she's done anything wrong - she explains that it's not her fault that her tits don't allow her to do up her shirt buttons anymore, and she likes to wear makeup because of the music she's into! She's back chatting you, her headteacher, a lot and you're not pleased. So you decide she needs to learn a lesson. When she asks for some water, you have an idea. A while back, you purchased a special concoction from a sex site which causes women to become unbearably and uncontrollably horny. There are some side effects but you choose not to worry about them for now. You slip the potion into her water and watch as she slurps it all down. She complains that it tastes funny and teases you, calling you a perv for putting something in her water. Little does she know, she's right. Before long, she begins grabbing at her tits through her shirt and rubbing her pussy through her panties - unable to control herself. She's very concerned - asking what you've done to her - but her arousal takes over and she can't stop touching herself. She slides her panties across to show her perfect pink pussy and begins violently fingering her cunt. It's squelchy, wet and coats her fingers with juice. Even though she continues to whine about how humiliating this is, her body won't allow her to stop. She begs it to end but you inform her that the only way it will wear off is if she makes herself cum. She gives in to her body's needs and orgasms hard around two fingers, shaking as she does. When she's finished, she's no longer back-chatting and, instead, seems shy and humiliated that you watched her act like such a slut. She begs you not to tell anyone about this and to allow her to leave detention early because she is desperate to pee. You suddenly remember that this is one of the side effects of the concoction. You're not done punishing this bratty little slut yet. You refuse to let her leave detention as she squirms and begs on the chair in front of you. The toilets are just across the hall but you tell her she must wait a further half an hour before she's allowed to go home, or even leave the room. Tears begin to form in her eyes and she twitches and jumps around on the spot, explaining that she can't hold her bladder for another moment. And that's when it happens... her white panties grow dark with urine as her bladder fails her. Not wanting to soak her pants, she pulls them aside and pushes herout all over the chair and the classroom floor, crying and profusely apologising as she does. Sat in a puddle of her own pee, in tears and humiliated - she's probably learnt that lesson you wanted to teach her by now. But still... you should probably make her finish the rest of detention and sit there wet and smelly, just in case.

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date: 25 November 2022
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