[Full HD] Infinity0Whore Summoning A Demon While She Masturbates - ManyVids | Size - 336.01 MB

[Full HD] Infinity0Whore Summoning A Demon While She Masturbates - ManyVids | Size - 336.01 MB

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[This was a custom request] This nun has renounced her religion and dedicated herself to the one true God, Satan. She's ready to take the next step and summon a demon to protect her and to help her resist any temptation to go back to the bullshit religion that she once served. She sits in a dark room on a pentagram, surrounded by candles and reads from the Satanic bible - calling out to summon an evil demon. She's dressed in a nun's habit - only it's a slutty version of the one that she used to wear - to mock God and Jesus Christ. She calls out to the demon and reiterates her loyalty to Satan. She questions how she even fell for God's lies. After a while, she feels the evil presence in the room with her. That alone begins to make her feel overcome with arousal. She begins to run her hands down her body while blaspheming and preaching the word of Satan. She pulls out her tiny little body while she feels the demon that she's summoned's eyes on her. She vows that her body will only be used for worshipping Satan and giving and receiving pleasure from now on. Our bodies were made to sin. She gets more and more turned on and reaches for one of her old Christian items of worship - her rosary beads. She opens her legs to feel her soaking wet pussy and slips the rosary beads inside her cunt. She's stuffed with them and masturbating while insulting God and Jesus Christ at the top of her lungs. She reaches for her old crucifix and spits on it, cursing Jesus Christ and calling him and his religion pathetic. She pushes Jesus Christ's image up against her cunt to tease her clit. She can feel the evil of the being watching her and it spurs her on even more. She inserts her crucifix deep into her pussy and uses it as a sex toy. Blasphemy falls from her lips as she cums around the cross before bending over to stuff the rosary beads into her arsehole while still fucking herself with the crucifix. She swaps to another smaller crucifix and takes turns using both of them on her pussy before cleaning her arsehole off the rosary beads with her mouth. She can feel that Satan and the demon watching are pleased so she spreads her legs once more to use Jesus on his crucifix as a dildo in her cunt. She cums again hard around it, covering him with her cum and promising to always be a whore from now on - to spread the word of Satan. All christian sluts should use their crucifixes as sex toys and please men - indulge in sins of the flesh. When she's done, she gets back onto her knees to clean all of her little religious items with her tongue. All they are good for is pleasing Satanic pussy and making it come. She curses God, Jesus, Virgin Mary and the Holy Spirit to hell for all eternity where Satan can torment them. Satan is her new and only God - and now she has a little demonic pet to watch over her while she sins and spreads his word.

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date: 25 November 2022
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