[Full HD] Alyssia Ring Alyssia Ring - SiteRip-01:14:20 | Couples, Hardcore, Gonzo, Anal, All Sex - 4,8 GB

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[Full HD] Alyssia Ring Alyssia Ring - SiteRip-01:14:20 | Couples, Hardcore, Gonzo, Anal, All Sex - 4,8 GB

Alyssia Ring-SiteRip-Couples, Hardcore, Gonzo, Anal, All Sex

Full HD-4,8 GB-Alyssia Ring

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This week we've got 32 year old MARRIED Milf Alyssia! Apparently hubbies fantasy is watching wifey take cock, so everyone's gonna be in for a real treat this week! You know, our typical candidate is in the 18-24 range, but it's nice to switch thing up a little from time to time. Something about the Milfs are nice. They know what they're doing,they know what they want, little less hand holding me thinks. Anyway, she's here,she's ready to go. If I didn't mention it, Alyssia is just kind of a natural freak. Personally I think we'd have seen her on the couch even if hubby wasn't super stoked about his chick taking stranger dick. That's also something that always cracks me up, when the husband wants his wife to get fucked, just as much as the wife wants to get fucked. What a beautiful world. I won't bore you too much with too many details this week, you're just gonna have to watch all the action. She's awesome. Great blowjob skills, amazing pussy. Her ass is super tight. She sucks, she fucks, she takes it up the ass. We even get the ever elusive ANAL CREAMPIE this week! It's been a while since we've gotten one of those. I blast that ass full of cum, so I think you'll really enjoy that. In the aftermath of the fuck storm, she seems to have had a good time. Which is GREAT! Because unfortunately for her,hubby that's all we got to give today. Sorry Alyssia,Alyssia's husband, I'm sure you'll make a great pornstar somewhere, somehow! Until next week friends!

Alyssia Ring

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